Communicating Chiropractic

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  1. Not exact, but close: Dr. F: “Look at colors on the scan, this is what a really smart system does. Really smart systems know how to spend energy to try and fix themselves. Look at all these colors in here. These colors tell you that you’re alive, but the ironic part is that they also show us where you are wasting energy. And that energy is going to run out at some point. So let me show you how much energy you are wasting (emg, then look at the HRV.) Look, you have been on this flight for a very long time and it’s draining your reserves. There is going to be a time when you start wearing down and/or getting sick. And if we look at the thermal, we can see where these circuits are overloaded, and these go to the following areas…

    So, let me tell you what matters. Here is what matters. We have an incredible, drugless, safe, effective solution that’s been refined for the past 120+ years that is safe, gentle and effective, and it’s focused on one thing. That one thing is to unwind the tension deep within your communication system between your brain and your body. Now let me know you what scans look like after this unwinding happens…

    See, there is clarity in communication here. This system is prepped and ready to take on life.”

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